Car Removals & Cash for Cars Melbourne
  • Cash for Old Cars
    Get up to $8,999 cash for your old cars with free pick up and removal of car.
  • Cash Damage Cars
    Sell your scrap car for cash on same day. Free removal and paper work.
  • Free Car Removals
    We offer cash and free car removals for old, damaged, scrap cars, vans, trucks.
Get Cash $100 Upto $8999 For Your Old Damaged Unwanted Cars. Trucks. Vans. Utes. and 4x4s.
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Cash for Cars and Car Removals Melbourne

If you’ve got an old car for removal, or you require a professional car wrecker in Melbourne then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Metro Car Removals we pay good cash for old cars that are no longer road worthy. No matter if it’s been in an accident, neglected for years, or simply won’t start – we are more than happy to come take it off your hands.
How would you like your unwanted car to generate some cash for you?

Our car removal model has been designed to give our clients an incentive for making proper and formal arrangements to have their unworthy to drive car disposed off. We do this by giving cash for cars!

You can get cash for car, which has now become useless for you and you cannot drive it anymore. We at Metro Car Removals give cash for:

  • Cash for Cars
  • Cash for Utes
  • Cash for Vans
  • Cash for 4wds
  • Cash for Trucks

We realize how important it is to properly dispose off unwanted cars. The fact is that cars that are unworthy to drive on the roads can still be put to good use. One, the usable parts can be stripped off and reused. Second, junk cars are a good source of metal. If taken care of correctly, the steel can be recycled and reused.

Cash for 4wds

But in order to motivate you to call us up and have your car removed so it may be recycled in a proper manner, we have added an incentive for you by giving you cash 4 cars! We are providers of convenient and hassle free car removals Melbourne. All you need to do is contact us and then you can be worry free about the whole process. It is our responsibility to make arrangements to pick up your unwanted car from any location in Melbourne, so you don’t even have to leave your home for getting cash for your van or 4wd.
Cash for 4wds Melbourne

Cash for Old Cars

By having us remove your car for you, you will not just get cash for car, you will also get free space to bring in a new, road worthy car! You will have gotten rid of junk for cash and will be at peace knowing your car is being disposed off in a responsible manner.
We take pride in providing hassle-free and prompt car removal services. Our experience has taught us that efficiency cannot be beat and that giving you a quick and responsive service is an effective way of gaining your satisfaction.


Cash for Old Cars Melbourne

Cash for Vans

In line with efficiency and promptness, we make sure to settle our dues in the quickest way possible – paying you cash for old cars. Your money against your used van or 4wd will not stay tied up with us for even a moment – as soon as well make a deal and have your car removed, we will pay you in cash against your vans and 4wds.

If you want a free quote, we welcome you to fill out and send us our online quote request form. Make sure you get the best deal for your unwanted cars – have us at Metro Car Removals provide you the best deal and avail our option of cash for cars Melbourne!

We give top prices for all cars. You can get prices from other companies to compare our prices. You can visit Melbourne Cash for Cars.

Cash for vans Melbourne

Here at Metro we believe in creating minimal waste and getting the most out of every single vehicle we recycle. After we have removed all useable parts and stripped off all components of value we then crush the metal and send it for recycling. This produces minimizes the waste and environmental impact. This is part of what makes us one of the leading Melbourne based car wreckers.

Car Removal for Cash

Offering both a fast, efficient and professional service, you can rest assured when you use Metro you will get an outstanding customer service. If you want cars removal for cash in Melbourne, then call us on either 03 8707 4699 Or 0431 403 630 today.

Is there a reason why you are storing junk in your garage? Once your car has become unworthy to drive and you want to get rid of it, we provide you the easiest and most convenient way of getting rid of your unwanted car.

Car removals Melbourne

Metro Car Removals helps in ensuring our society is free from waste products and obstructions to safety. If you leave your unused and unwanted car parked by the road side, it will not only become a sore sight for the eye, it also poses safety threats to others on the road. Moreover, leaving junk untreated also causes harm to the environment. On the other hand, if you leave it parked in your backyard, it will not just be a sore sight for you; it will also be occupying valuable space that you could otherwise utilize!

Old Car Removals

Our car removals Melbourne provides the ideal solution for this dilemma and you will not just get rid of your unwanted car, we will provide you car removal for cash! Yes, Metro Car Removals gives cash for scrap cars! So it’s all about winning when you let us handle your old cars removals for you. Giving you services of car removals for cash makes us one of the best choices you have for not just getting rid of your unwanted car without any hassle, but also stretching it out for its last monetary contribution to you! Just when you thought your old, unwanted car was good for nothing, it brings you cash for getting removed!

Old Car Removals Melbourne

Cash for Scrap Cars

We are an environmentally conscious company and by doing business with us, you will be playing your part in preserving the environment. We will make sure none of the elements in your car become a source of harm to the environment because after stripping off all usable elements in your old car, we crush the remains and send it off for recycling!

So play your part in making your society safe, earn some cash and have us serve you with our quick, responsive and efficient services of car removals Melbourne! Just give us a call and we will have transportation arranged for car removal for cash!

Cash for scrap cars Melbourne

Scrap Car Removals

If you have a scrap car, and you want to get rid of it in Melbourne on same day, then you can access our free Scrap Car Removals Melbourne service. We buy scrap cars for cash and you don’t have to worry about how to remove it. Our scrap car removals team will do it for you with no charges.

We quote prices for scrap cars, vans, utes, trucks and 4wds. And when you book your scrap vehicle with us, we give you cash for scrap car and our free scrap removal team pick up and towed it away from your property.

Scrap car removals Melbourne

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“My car was broken down on Princess highway. I call to Metro and they offered me $400 for my broken car removal. The driver came on time and gave me cash for broken car on spot. Was happy to get cash for old and broken car.”

Rob Smith, 18th August 2013

“I decided to get cash for scrap car. It was Toyota Corolla 1994. I ring around to sell my scrap car. But at the end Metro gave me cash for scrap car removal within two hours. I want to say thanks to Metro Car removal for my scrap car removal for cash”

James Fork, 27th February 2014

“My friend sold his old car for cash. And he told me about Metro. I called to Metro to get cash for old car with free old car removal. The driver name Harry came and gave me cash for old car. Thanks Harry and Metro. I’ll recommend Metro to everyone.”

Mark Beckham, 14th April 2014